Hello, new student!

Welcome to the city of Gävle, the University, and the Gefle Student Union. It's great to have you here! Below, you'll find an introduction to student life in Gävle.

I'm new to Gävle - Help me!

Moving to a new city can be incredibly fun but also daunting. On the website of the University of Gävle, you'll find a checklist for new students and other useful information. For example, information about housing, counselors, and study support.

I want to know more about my studies

The University of Gävle offers international students the chans to talk to a current international student. They can answer all you questions about what it's like being a student in sweden.


Welcome period

Meet new friends and explore Gävle!


Nightclub and student pub
Club Kåren | Trossen | NV


Affordable for students. Even more affordable for members!

Game nights

Spend the weekend becoming a Mario Kart champion!


There's nothing like a really good banquet.

Get involved in the student life

Student life is what you make of it – so make sure to maximize your time!

"Is it a section/student association/student union?

It can be incredibly confusing with all the new terms like "student association" and "Student Union" - but below, we've done our best to explain.


A student union is an association of students that has applied for and received recognition as a student union. It is an organization that is meant to represent the students in relation to the university. At the University of Gävle, we have only one union, and it's called Gefle Studentkår. We participate in various councils and committees at the university and work to ensure that all students have a safe, fair, and enjoyable time here at the University of Gävle.

A "sektion" is a program-specific student association that has chosen to affiliate with the student union by applying for section status. As a section, the association is entitled to certain benefits from the union, such as financial support, administrative assistance, access to premises, etc. Members of the section also benefit from this arrangement as they only need to purchase one membership – that of the union! When you buy a union membership, you automatically get membership in your section at no extra cost.



The student associations that are not sections are called independent student associations. This essentially means that they are not affiliated with the student union and, as a result, sell their own memberships.

Among the independent student associations, we have both program-specific associations, representing one or more programs, and interest associations where only interest determines membership.

Which student fraternity do I belong to?

Which section/association you belong to depends on the program you are enrolled in. There are also interest associations that are open to everyone at the University of Gävle, regardless of their field of study. Click below to find your association!

We at Gefle Student Union believe that everyone should have the right to higher education. A student's background, financial situation, or any other circumstance should never be a barrier to higher studies, and an interest in lifelong learning should be encouraged among all societal groups. We believe that diversity within the student community enriches both education and student life, leading to a positive impact on societal development.