Your work environment is important

All students should be able to come to the university and feel that they can focus, sit comfortably, have good air, spaces to socialize, etc. Gefle Studentkår and HiG work hard to ensure that students have the best possible experience.

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Physical work environment

The physical work environment concerns the physical places where you study, such as classrooms, libraries, group rooms, and laboratories. A good physical work environment means that these places are comfortable and appropriately equipped for studies, with sufficient light, good air quality, and ergonomic furniture to promote your concentration and comfort.

A good physical work environment is crucial for preventing injuries and ill-health as well as promoting productivity and well-being. If you have suffered a physical injury during your study period, you can receive assistance from the student union. This could occur in the university building, during your work placement, or on the way to or from the university.

Psychological work environment

The psychological work environment includes factors such as stress levels, workload, and opportunities for recovery. A healthy psychological work environment promotes mental well-being and prevents burnout and other psychosocial issues.

The university offers various forms of support and resources to assist your academic success and well-being. This includes academic counseling from the university's Student and Doctoral Ombudsman, who can help you with student rights issues, educational support for those with disabilities or in need of support in their studies, psychological support, and other services to help you manage stress and thrive during your time at university.

Incidents and improvement suggestions

You should feel safe and secure on campus to be able to focus on your studies. This means that there are safety measures in place to prevent accidents and address any potential risks.

If you have noticed that there is a risk of an accident occurring at the university, you can report it to HiG's homepage..

Karin Eriksson

Work environment representative

Gefle Student Union collaborates with the university to actively create a safe and secure working environment as well as equal opportunities for students. Karin, the union's main student occupational health and safety representative, represents students in meetings with the university regarding occupational health and safety issues and can provide guidance and advice when you need assistance with matters concerning your work environment.

The work environment for students at the university pertains to the environment where you, as a student, carry out your academic work and learning. It encompasses both the physical environment around you and the psychosocial atmosphere in your study area.

Contact Karin regarding work environment at:

Organization regarding occupational health

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee is the local cooperation forum for all work environment groups at the university and deals with occupational health and safety issues at the local level. In the committee, there is a representative responsible for social aspects of studies.

Work environment student

The Work Environment Student is the forum for issues related to students and their work environment. According to the law, students have the same rights as employees to a good physical and psychosocial work environment. The group includes both students and the representative responsible for social aspects of studies.

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