Seize the opportunity and work at the student union!

Take the opportunity and work at the student union next academic year

Gefle Student Union is a workplace that offers you a year of exciting and valuable experiences, while also providing you with the opportunity to grow. It's a chance to continue improving and strengthening both student life and students' study situation in Gävle.

Working at a student union is a rewarding experience where there's always something happening and always someone to socialize with. Those who are elected will become a close-knit group and have one of the most enjoyable years of their lives. As a salaried employee at the union, you receive a monthly salary, a wellness allowance of 2000 SEK, and 25 days of paid leave. Additionally, you get to keep your student accommodation and enjoy student discounts through the Mecenat card while working at the union. 

At the office, we have one employed staff member – the organizational secretary. She manages the expedition, finances, and memberships. But besides her, the rest of the team consists of students who are on leave, working part-time, or recent graduates.

If you want to know more about how we handle things in the office or wish to get in touch with any of us, read more about the positions below and contact us! Applications are submitted Here!


The presidium consists of a chairperson and a vice chairperson, who primarily work on educational policy issues and student representation together.

The chairperson holds the employer's responsibility and the overall financial responsibility, as well as ensuring compliance with the strategic decisions made by the full council. In addition, the chairperson is the supervisor and responsible for personnel, work environment, and work routines. Meanwhile, the vice chairperson is responsible for monitoring national educational policies and works on issues relevant to students at the local and national levels. The vice chairperson also maintains the primary contact with national educational policy bodies such as the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS).

Together, the presidium forms a cohesive team that often helps and supports each other in their tasks and drives the organization forward. They are also the face of the student union and have the primary responsibility for media contact and representation.

Read the full job description for chairperson and vice ordförande.

Contact to the current presidency


As the Student Social Responsible, you work actively to make Gävle an attractive and vibrant student city with a fantastic student life. You are the liaison between the student union and our sections and committees, as well as the independent student associations.

Ditt främsta ansvar är att planera och ansvara över kårens evenemang – både standardiserade event som kårfrukostar, inspark och klubbkvällar. Men du bör även ha ett kreativt öga och komma på nya idéer för att utveckla studentlivet. Du är även klubbmästare och leder utskottet klubbmästeriet som sköter Club Kåren och de evenemang som sker där.  Som klubbmästare är du ytterst ansvarig för CK, vilket innebär ansvar för de ekonomiska delarna och tillsammans med ordförande ordna och se över tillstånd och avtal som krävs.

The Study Social Responsible participates in networks to make student life safer and needs to be well-versed in laws regarding alcohol and food.

Read the full job description for Study Social Responsible.

Contact to the current Study Social Officer:


As a communications officer, you are primarily responsible for the communication of the union externally and internally. This entails keeping members, other students, sections, associations, and other external parties updated on the union's activities, as well as receiving incoming messages and distributing them internally.

You are responsible for planning and designing the marketing in all channels the union has, including at GS events and during public representation. You manage the website and ensure that it is kept updated and relevant.

The responsibility for business relations is shared with the chairman, and together you are the student union's contacts for companies. Among your tasks are to find new opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships. Throughout the year, you are expected to plan some activities to give students the opportunity to network with the business community, such as lunch lectures and project management for our job fair.

This position is available part-time (communication) and part-time (business relations), but we are primarily looking for someone who wants the full-time position.

Read the full job description for kommunikatör. 

Contact for current communicator:


As Student Influence Responsible, you work on recruiting, training, and coordinating student representatives who participate in various councils and bodies at HiG, ensuring that student influence is upheld. You also sit on various central councils, committees, and bodies at the institution, collaborating with the institution on matters related to student influence.

You are also the main student occupational safety representative and will actively work on issues related to the work environment, both with the other student safety representatives and in collaboration with the main occupational safety representative for staff.

Den här tjänsten går att söka som deltid (Studentinflytande) och deltid (Arbetsmiljö), men vi söker främst någon som vill ha hela posten på heltid.

Read the full job description for studentinflytandeansvarig.

Contact to student influence officer:


As a member of the student union board, you work as a student volunteer to assist the union. You work closely with the chairman, vice chairman, and student social responsibility manager to ensure that the organization runs smoothly and that what the general assembly has decided is followed.

The assignment includes reviewing and drafting the union's governing documents, planning and conducting events such as union breakfasts and student relaxations, leading project groups for larger events, representing the union at various meetings and events, and being a helping hand for the union's full-time employees.

As a member of the union board, you get a unique insight into the union's work and the opportunity to build a large network among both students and school staff. Through the board, you can also try out various roles as a student representative and acquire many new skills.

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The committees also need new people for all the events happening in the fall – read more about the committees on their respective pages!

Klubbmästeriet - Manages Club Kåren

IntU Gefle - International Committee

Café Committe - Manages Café Kåren