Welcome to the International Committee (IntU Gefle)

Joel, Jonathan and Patrik – founders of IntU Gefle.

Who are IntU Gefle?

IntU Gefle is one of Gefle Student Unions committees and focuses on our international friends, both exchange students and free movers. The committee was founded by three swedish students who felt that the international students didn’t have a space in our student life in the same way that swedish students had, and wanted that to change. So here we are! From IntU Gefle you can expect a warm welcome, fun events and trips, showing the best of swedish culture and student life.

Be sure to download the app hitract to find information about all our events as well everything else happening in the student life here at the University of Gefle!

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Hitract: IntU Gefle

Board Members

Head of Committee

Tilde Jensen

Head of Media

Ester Holm

Head Buddy

Jalil Mohammad Reza

Head of Events

Arjumand Akbar

Board Member

Emilia Asplund

Apply to the IntU Gefle board!

Are you a student who is passionate about international relations and connections?

When applying to our board it is preferred that you know that you will stay in Sweden for the whole year. Both international and swedish students can apply.

You apply by filling out the form here on the website – but you can also contact us if you want to know more about the work we do.

When we get your application we will contact you to set an interview so we can get to know you more before the board makes their decision.

OBS! You need to be a member in Gefle Student Union to sit on the committee board!

Apply to IntU Gefle!

become a Student Buddy

Join us to make the Welcome Weeks for new students awesome!

Your task is simple! Meet new international students with open arms and welcome them to the city, Sweden and the Swedish student life. Make their time here worth remembering. Together with your buddy group you will get responsibility over 10-15 international students during welcoming weeks as well as during their semester of studies here in Sweden.

So apply today to get this unique experience of meeting international students and new friends!

Important dates:

  • 15th of August there will be held a mandatory Student Buddy meeting for all Student Buddies Fall 2023.
  •  23rd of August we will have a kick-off for all student buddies and the committee – more info will come at the student buddy meeting. You don’t want to miss this! 😀
  • 25th of August Welcome weeks starts!
  • 15th September Welcome weeks ends! (Preliminary date)


More information: Student Buddy OneDrive

If you have any questions please email us on contact.intu@geflestudentkar.se or DM us on instagram/facebook