Thoughts and complaints

After each completed course, a course evaluation is sent out where you, as a student, can express your opinions on how the course went. However, if something more urgent arises, there is a 'complaint procedure' to follow.

The first step is to speak directly with the relevant teacher. If you, as a student, feel that you do not want to address it directly with the teacher, you can contact the course coordinator. If there are comments and complaints regarding an examination and/or its questions, you should contact the course examiner directly. For more general feedback and complaints about the entire education, you should reach out to the program director. They will then escalate the matter to the appropriate person if they cannot resolve the issue themselves.

If you still feel that you would like support in your case, as a student, you can also turn to the student and doctoral ombudsman at HiG. All students and doctoral candidates can seek advice and tips from the ombudsman regarding various laws, rules, and guidelines related to studies and work. The ombudsman also answers questions about your rights and obligations related to education, as well as the work environment.

You can turn to the student and doctoral ombudsman if you find yourself in a situation at the University for various reasons and need assistance. Whether you feel unfairly treated by a lecturer, the university administration, or if you simply want to provide suggestions for improvement. The ombudsman can be there to support you in meetings and discussions with the involved parties. The ombudsman assists you throughout the process until the case is concluded and a solution has been reached. The goal is always for you to feel satisfied with the support and advice you have received from the ombudsman.

Contact the student and doctoral ombudsman:

Are you a Ph.D. student?

As a Ph.D. student, it can be challenging to distinguish between being a student and an employee. Whom do you contact when, and who represents me? We at the student union represent all students at HiG, including Ph.D. students conducting their studies at the University of Gävle. However, you can also reach out to the student and doctoral ombudsman if you have questions or concerns.

Contact the student and doctoral ombudsman:

No membership is required to seek assistance from the student and doctoral ombudsman.