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Bli medlem - och bidra till någonting fantastiskt!

When you become a member, you contribute to our efforts at Gefle Studentkår to work for high-quality and improved education for all students at the University of Gävle. The membership fee also supports our ability to continue local and national advocacy work and to develop Gävle as a student city. At the same time, as a member, you enjoy various benefits – such as fantastic parties, discounts, and offers. 

Membership prices

Regular Membership

You can purchase regular membership if you are a student at the University of Gävle (HiG). You will receive a membership card from Mecenat marked with the student union's logo, which you can use to access a multitude of discounts. Additionally, you gain access to the student union's exclusive events and the student pubs Trossen and NV. he union fee is not paid for re-registration, re-examinations, and summer courses.

Reduced fee

You are eligible for a reduced fee if you have completed your studies at the University of Gävle (alumnus), are on study leave, are a doctoral or research student, or if you are a student on a mission. With these membership types, you do not receive a Mecenat card, but fear not – you will, of course, receive another card valid for the student union's exclusive events and at the student pubs Trossen and NV. Please note that the option for 2 semesters is only available for the autumn semester. he union fee is not paid for re-registration, re-examinations, and summer courses.

Purchase membership digitally at

In Hitract, you can do a lot – including buying your union membership! You can do it easily and smoothly, just like any online payment.

We approve membership applications regularly on weekdays (Mon-Thu) from 09:00 to 15:00. Please allow up to 24 hours for your approval

Download the app at App Store or Google Play "So just get started! See prices below.

If you can't or don't want to buy the membership in the app, you can always come to the union office and purchase it in person.

So, what are the membership benefits then?

When you become a member in Gefle Student Union, you gain acess to a lot of fun things. Read more about exactly what those things are down below.

We want our members to have a good time whilst they're studying here. To help reach this goal we continuously work towards obtaining a wide variety of discounts in Gävle City. Together with the county and student housing companies, we're also working actively with questions surrounding student housing. Both to insure more housing is built, but also to keep the quality high and the selection varied.

Read more about out member discounts!

Our socially responsible study coordinator works full-time to ensure that there are fun activities during your time at the University of Gävle. As a member, you get access to all our exclusive events, such as Club kåren, banquets, cafés, barbecue nights, LAN parties, and more. Through your membership, you also have access to the student pubs Trossen and Nya Vall (NV), run by the sections Gefleteknologerna and Gavlecon, respectively. You can easily find all events in the Hitract app!

If you have one or several ideas for an event or anything else fun to do, feel free to contact the Study Social Responsible at

At the University of Gävle, you, as a student, have every opportunity to influence your education. We work to make students aware that they can participate in educational councils and have a say in decision-making. Gefle Studentkår, together with other student unions, also advocates for various issues to improve the situation for students, such as health insurance, study grants, teacher-led hours, etc.

Starting from the autumn semester of 2023, the discount booklet from WeStudents only in digital form. The digital student booklet is filled with awesome local discounts, and you can find all offers by downloading the app via Google Play or App Store.

What do the students say about their membership?

Hanna Engman​

Hanna Engman

Communication program - focus on professional writing

Joining the student union and being active in student life was definitely my best decision during my time at the university. Besides the great discounts and fun events, the best thing about the union is the sense of community it brings. Always having someone to talk to, something to do, and something to look forward to during the toughest times of studying is invaluable. Once you attend an event, it's hard to stop. There's a special atmosphere, a community where everyone is accepted, and where you're guaranteed to find friends for life. So, make your best choice and join the student union!