Find the union administration

At the office we have our organisation secretary, student ombudsman, union president and vice president, as well att our head of social affairs. Between the five of us, we can help with most things. Here you can get/renew your membership, and of course ask questions about our organisation. You can also find some course litterature and our merch!

The union administration is located in building 91, Midgård. It's the big house across from the library, where the uni restaurant, Markan, is. Our entrance is in the back. 

Opening hours
Mon, Tue 10-13
Wed, Thu 12-15

Contact us

Stenhammarsvägen 15
802 67 Gävle

We are the full-timers that work at Gefle Student Union.

Head of Social Affairs

Angelica Bergström

Studie environment